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Innovative Gloves trademarked Anaconda brand offer customers an opportunity to buy semi-disposable nitrile extra grip gloves that have already got a name in the market. We have a wide range of products, covering more than 50 different use gloves.

Innovative Gloves was founded in 2001 and is a privately owned, internationally recognized premium nitrile and latex glove manufacturer located in Hat Yai, Thailand.

Today IGCL produces no less than 1 billion gloves annually and are ever expanding. The basic infrastructures have already been (successfully) installed with boilers erected and further expansions to come once all the necessary training to cope with the growth is completed. IGCL does not believe in expanding productions without ensuring that the promised growth is equally distributed across all segments of the company starting with production, quality assurance, administration and training. Regular emphasis on developing new products and bringing in new technologies has not only made IGCL a survivor in the industry, but also created a niche segment of buyers whose intentions are to bring and introduce something different to the market.

Performance Excellence and Socially Responsible
Innovative Gloves was the first glove producer in the south of Thailand to introduce clean coal-burning technology.

Additionally, waste water from IGCL is so clear that our ponds are home to a plethora of (edible) fish, given as charity to nearby villages. Go Green has always been top priority to Mr. Sood, so much so that he once insisted on each and every worker planting individual trees in the factory. Today, these trees make the factory one of the most beautiful factories in the region. Innovative Gloves also now has a small orchard where one will find the finest mangoes, guavas, rambutans (and the list goes on) ever tasted.

With a strong commitment to producing high quality gloves in an environment that is equally regarded and cared for through sound CSR policies, IGCL has become one of the top exporters of nitrile and latex examination gloves, meeting and surpassing all relevant standards worldwide.

Innovative believes that the Mother Earth we inherit should be taken care of and looked after the same way one looks after their own mother.

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