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    SATRA S-GLOV9 Nitrile Coated Extra Grip Gloves - Large (12 Pairs)


    Protective lightweight work gloves with nitrile coated fingers and palm designed for improved level of grip, dexterity and perfect feeling of the held objects. Perfect fit to the hand and blue nitrile coat increases abrasion, cut and puncture resistance. Very flexible with an elastic close-fitting welt and breathable knitted back for enhanced comfort. Made of white polyester knitted fabric (13 stitch) with the advantage of quick drying, durability and resistance to seepage. Resistant to acids, engine oils, hydrocarbons, oil based liquids and lubricants, organic solvents or fats. Biodegradable gloves can be washed and will retain it's form. Supplied as pack of 24 gloves (12 pairs).

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    SATRA S-L9GLD Dimond Grip Nitrile Gloves - Size L (Box Of 100)


    Specially formulated multi use 5.2 mil (6.5 gram) disposable black nitrile gloves (size L) with diamond texture on the inner and outer side for secure grip on slippery or oily objects. Designed to protect hands from chemicals, dirt, moisture, oils and to reduce hand fatigue and slips with touchscreen friendly unrivalled traction grip. Suitable for people allergic to latex and powdering agents as gloves are powder free, latex free and silicone free. Functionality of nitrile gloves is based on their flexibility with gloves fit perfectly to the hand. Dimond grip nitrile gloves size M (SATRA S-M9GLD) or size XL (SATRA S-XL9GLD) sold separately.

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    ASTA Safety Gloves Size 8 Nylon PU & Breathable Foam Nitrile Palm Coating EN388 EN420


    ASTA A-GLOV Seamless protective gloves, coated with PU polyurethane.

    Exceptional comfort, dexterity and tactile sensitivity that guarantee good grip on objects and control of movements.

    Flexible, they fit perfectly to the hand. They do not cause hand fatigue during use, having adequate air flow.

    Coated with an ultra-thin layer of foamed nitrile type FOAM

    Finished with a welt

    Increased abrasion and abrasion resistance

    Increased resistance to greases and oils

    Used for general mechanical work

    Compliant with resistance standards: EN388 and PN-EN420