Universal Clutch Plate Alignment Centering Fitment Tool Car Van Vehicle S-2110S

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SATRA S-A2110A is universal device for locking the clutch disk. This tool makes a quick job of single handy aligning the clutch and pressure plate before fitting. Allows for manual fixing (centring) and applying the clutch disc to the pressure plate in cars and trucks during installation.


Set includes:

- two sleeve anchors for different diameters of the bearings in the crankshaft
- one strut sleeve with a very large scope of regulation to the shaft without shaft support bearing clutch


Thread the funnel wheel onto the central body, with ribs facing the same direction as those on the fixed wheel that is the smooth side of the wheel facing away from the fixed wheel. Select suitable collet, depending on clutch size, and slide onto central shaft. Insert central shaft and collet through central body, and thread small wheel onto the end of the shaft.

Step 1. Place clutch plate over pressure on workbench, insert tool through the center and push down.
Step 2. Tighten the small wheel to expand the collet which is inside the clutch plate.
Step 3. Tighten the funnel wheel until contact is made with the pressure plate then turn both plates over.
Step 4. Align both plates together by slipping them sideways until both edges are parallel, then tighten the funnel shaft, holding both plates together.
Step 5. Install the both plates to the flywheel, then remove the tool by loosening the small wheel.


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Universal Clutch Plate Alignment Centering Fitment Tool Car Van Vehicle S-2110S

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