ASTA A-217 Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set

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Professional diesel injector seat cutter set suitable for re-cutting injector seats when reconditioning or replacing the diesel injectors. Specially designed to clean and decarbonise injector seats when changing diesel injectors to avoid blow back and poor emissions. Suitable for BMW, Ford, PSA (Citroen, Peugeot), Mercedes-Benz CRD and some other vehicles with diesel engine. Set includes centring pilot, seat cleaner and reamers. Copper washer removal tool (ASTA A-COWA) sold separately. Supplied in handy storage case.

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Set includes:

- Centering pilot
- 15x19mm reamer (various vehicles)
- 17x17mm reamer - Bosch, Delphi (BMW, Ford, PSA - Citroen, Peugeot)
- 17x19mm reamer - Bosch (Mercedes CRD)
- 17x21mm angled reamer - (Fiat, Iveco)
- 2.5mm Allen key

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SATRA S-IDSP Diesel Injector Seal Puller

Diesel injector seal puller suitable for removal of the copper washers from the cylinder head. Specially designed without any moving parts to avoid drop into the engine, simply tap threaded end and screw the tool into the center of the copper washer. Feature threaded tip diameter between Ø4.5mm to 13.2mm and 1kg slide hammer for easy diesel injector seals extraction. Diesel injector seat cleaner (SATRA S-XDI6) sold separately.

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