ASTA A-38BMWUPG Timing Tool Set For BMW Mini B36, B38, B46, B48, B58 Petrol

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Timing tool kit specially design for 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 3.0 litre chain driven BMW, Mini B38, B48, B58 petrol engine to set and lock engine shaft when installing and adjusting correct timing phase. Set includes timing chain pre-tensioner tool, camshaft alignment tool, camshaft locking adaptors and flywheel locking pin. Supplied in carry-case.

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Make & models:

- 116i (2015-2019), 118i (2015-2019), 120i (2015-2019), 125i (2015-2019), M140i (2015-2019), M140i xDrive (2015-2019)
- 216i (2014-onwards), 218i (2014-onwards), 220i (2014-onwards), 225i (2014-onwards), 225xe (2014-onwards), 230i (2014-onwards), M240i (2014-onwards), M240i xDrive (2014-onwards)
- 318i (2015-2019), 320i (2015-2019), 320i Gran Turismo (2016-onwards), 330e (2015-2019), 330i (2015-2019), 330i Gran Turismo (2016-onwards), 340i (2015-2019), 340i Gran Turismo (2016-onwards), 340i xDrive, 340i xDrive Gran Turismo (2016-onwards), M3 (2015-2019)
- 418i (2015-onwards), 420i (2015-onwards), 430i (2015-onwards), 440i (2015-onwards), xDrive (2015-onwards)
- 520i (2017-onwards), 530i (2017-onwards), 540i (2017-onwards), 540i xDrive (2017-onwards)
- 630i (2017-onwards), 640i (2017-onwards), 640i xDrive (2017-onwards)
- 730i (2015-onwards), 740e iPerformance (2015-onwards), 740i (2015-onwards), 740i xDrive (2015-onwards)
- i8 (2014-onwards)
- X1 sDrive 18i (2015-onwards), X1 sDrive 20i (2015-onwards), X1 xDrive 20i (2015-onwards), xDrive 25i (2015-onwards)
- X2 sDrive 18i (2018-onwards), X2 sDrive 20i (2018-onwards), X2 xDrive 20i (2018-onwards), X2 M35i (2018-onwards)
- X3 sDrive 20i (2017-onwards), X3 xDrive 20i (2017-onwards), X3 xDrive 30i (2017-onwards), X3 M40i (2017-onwards)
- X4 xDrive 20i (2018-onwards), X4 xDrive 30i, X4 M40i (2018-onwards)
- Z4 sDrive 20i (2019-onwards), Z4 sDrive 30i (2019-onwards)

- Clubman (2015-onwards)
- Convertible (2016-onwards)
- Countryman (2017-onwards)
- Mini Hatch (2014-onwards)

Engine codes:

- 1.2 - B38 A12A
- 1.5 - B36 A15A, B38 A15A, B38 B15A, B38 K15A
- 1.6 - B48 B16A
- 2.0 - B46 B20A, B48 A20A, B48 A20B, B48 A20E, B48 B20A, B48 B20B
- 3.0 - B58 B30A, B58 B30B, B58 B30C

Set includes:

1. Camshaft alignment tool and locking adaptors
2. Flywheel drive plate timing pin
3. Automatic transmission drive plate timing pin adaptor
4. Crankshaft turning tool
5. Timing chain pre-tensioning tool
6. Camshaft VVT actuator wrench
7. BMW head bolt socket


1. 2 358 122
2. 2 288 380
3. 2 365 488
4. 11 5 100
5. 11 9 340
6. 2 360 895
7. 11 8 580

Other OEM:

4. 11 6 480
5. 11 9 340/341, 11 9 340A, 11 9 341

Fuel type:




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ASTA A-BMW1520C Timing Tool Set For BMW B37 & B47 Diesel

Timing tool set for chain driven BMW, Mini 3 cylinder 1.5 (B37) and 4 cylinder 2.0 (B47) diesel engines from 2014 onwards. Specially designed to lock camshaft and crankshaft in correct timing position while adjustment or replacement work is under taken. Set includes crankshaft pin and holding tool, camshaft alignment tool, tensioner pulley locking pin, high pressure pump sprocket removal tool as well as automatic transmission drive plate timing pin adaptor. Supplied in carry case.

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